Snow Man Gives Fans a Valentine’s Day Surprise with “Tapestry” MV Release

On March 15, Snow Man will release their new single, “Tapestry / W.” “Tapestry” serves as the theme song for the live action film version of “Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon”, starring Ren Meguro. “W” is the theme song for the NTV drama “Dai Byoin Senkyo.” “Tapestry” is described as an emotional song that each member sings with all his heart, mirroring the emotion shown in the film. “W” is described as a fast rock song about facing challenges.

The single’s two B-sides also have tie-ins. “Luv Classic” is the CM song for Mos Burger, which stars Raul and Shota Watanabe. “NO SURRENDER!” is the theme song of Snow Man’s TBS variety show “Sore Snow Man ni Yarasete Kudasai.”

The covers of the limited editions of “Tapestry / W” have the appearance of a tapestry.

It being Valentine’s Day today, Snow Man gave fans a special gift in the form of the music video for “Tapestry.” Check it out below!


Limited Edition A

1. タペストリー (Tapestry)
2. W

・「タペストリー」Music Video (“Tapestry” Music Video)
・「W」Music Video
・Behind The Scenes


Limited Edition B

1. W
2. タペストリー (Tapestry)

・「タペストリー」マルチアングル映像 (“Tapestry” Multi-Angle Eizo)
・「Luv Classic」Lip Sync Video
・過去の記憶を繋げろ!クイズSnow Man!! (Kako no Kioku wo Tsunagero! Quiz Snow Man!!)


Regular Edition

1. タペストリー (Tapestry)
2. W
3. Luv Classic
5. タペストリー (Instrumental) (Tapestry (Instrumental))
6. W (Instrumental)
7. Luv Classic (Instrumental)
8. NO SURRENDER! (Instrumental)



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