Snow Man to Sing Theme for Meguro Ren’s Movie, My Happy Marriage; Trailer & New Visual Also Released

Based on the hit manga series of the same name, My Happy Marriage, slated for release March 17th in Japan, unveiled the theme song as well as their new trailer and main visual image.

Considered nigh worthless for having failed to inherit the superhuman powers of the bloodlines into which she was born, Miyo Saimori lives her days unwanted and unloved. Her stepmother and very own father have little time or affection for her, and Miyo must suffer being treated as a servant by her half sister who, unlike Miyo, is blessed with the unusual powers of their blood. Ultimately seen as nothing more than a nuisance and a drain on the family wealth, Miyo is packed off to the Kudo house as a bridal candidate for its heir, Kiyoka Kudo. Whispers abound about the Kudo clan, the most powerful in all the land, but will the allegedly cold and cruel house into which Miyo aims to marry prove much warmer than the family she left behind?

From Square Enix Manga

The theme song, titled Tapestry, will be sung by Meguro Ren‘s group Snow Man. Said to be both hopeful and yet melancholy, the song perfectly matches the feel of the bittersweet and emotional story.

The movie stars Imada Mio and Meguro Ren as the two main characters, and is set to go over the the first major arc in the series. The poster & flyer will be available at Japanese movie theaters across the country starting from December 23rd. The first volume is currently on sale in the United States, with the second and third available for pre-order.

Source: ModelPress


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