March 24, 2023

Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ Iwata Takanori Tops Talent Power Ranking’s LDH List

Talent Power Ranking recently revealed their ranking for the talents of LDH. This ranking is the result of a survey done by Architect Co., Ltd., which measures “awareness” (knowing artist’s face and name) and “attractiveness” (wanting to see / listen / know more about them). This survey’s talent was collected on November 2022.

Iwata Takanori of Sandaime J Soul Brothers topped the ranking. He was followed by Sekiguchi Mandy of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE. EXILE ATSUSHI rounded out the top 3.

  1. Iwata Takanori (Sandaime J Soul Brothers): 22.8
  2. Sekiguchi Mandy (GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE): 20.9
  3. EXILE ATSUSHI: 18.6
  4. Machida Keita: 18.2
  5. Suzuki Nobuyuki: 17.5
  7. Yamashita Kenjiro (Sandaime J Soul  Brothers): 15.5
  8. Saotome Taichi: 15.4
  9. EXILE AKIRA: 14.9
  10. Shirahama Alan (GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE): 14.6
  11. EXILE MAKIDAI: 14.3
  12. EXILE NAOTO (Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS): 14.2