Johnny & Associates Removes Sign from Headquarters

Earlier today, as part of its rebranding effort, Johnny & Associates began work on the removal of the signage from its headquarters, an image that is integral to the company’s image, being used in any media report about the company.

Oricon was on location, speaking to fans of the company about the historic event in the world of Japanese entertainment. Many of the fans were in mourning over the removal of the sign.

A woman in her 50s, who is currently a Naniwa Danshi fan, and was previously a fan of the 80s groups Shonentai and Shibugakitai, says that she rushed to the building to take a final photo of the sign, but her attempt was in vain. She has been a Janiwota for as long as she can remember, so this move saddens her. However, she will continue to support the company, with hope that new company president Noriyuki Higashiyama, former member of Shonentai, will do his best in leading the company forward.

An Arashi fan came from Osaka came upon hearing rumors of the sign’s removal. Seeing the scene play out nearly moved her to tears.

A King & Prince fan in her 30s rushed to the building after hearing rumors of the sign’s removal yesterday. She believes this is a historical moment that couldn’t be helped, but it still saddens her. She has mixed feelings about the sign being removed, but believes that the company’s talents will not be able to continue their activities unless the sign goes.

Speaking more on King & Prince, she believes that the group could have remained intact if the the departed members had stayed another year. She respects the 5 members’ decisions, and wants to support them all still.

An 18 year old Johnny’s WEST fan held up her acrylic stand of the group for one final photo of the building with the old sign. She said that the sign’s removal saddens her. She wonders about the group’s still undisclosed new name. She has thoughts of how hard this change must be for the members, but trusts that they will come up with a suitable name. She will continue to support them.

Footage of the sign removal:


The sign is now gone.


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