Takeuchi Mariya’s Tokyo Woman Gets Drama Adaptation

Continuing the trend of drama adaptations based on famous songs, Takeuchi Mariya‘s Tokyo Woman will be used as the primary inspiration for a Fuji TV late night series of the same name.

Tokyo Woman is originally a song from an album titled MIGHTY ROSE, which was released by the band BOX, who frequently worked with Takeuchi. The adaptation will strongly reference Takeuchi‘s version of the song.

It will center on the story of two women: one who seems to be utterly unable to decide on anything by herself, and another woman who does everything strictly in her own way. The two characters are different in every possible way, and eventually happen to interact in Tokyo leading to a relationship that becomes close to friendship.

The drama will star Satsukawa Aimi and Ryou as the main leads, with Suzuki Jin, Morimoto Shintaro of Tonkatsu Katan and Mabuchi Erika as the main supporting cast. The show will begin November 6th and air for 4 straight days until November 9th.

Talking about the drama, Takeuchi commented

The song that I covered with the group BOX has become the theme song for this wonderful drama! It is a wonderful story of the friendship between these two women. I hope this song will become a source of strength for them.

Source: Natalie


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