Hiromitsu Kitayama Makes Solo Debut with “RANSHIN”

After joining TOBE in September, former Kis-My-Ft2 member Hiromitsu Kitayama is now ready to make his solo debut! On November 17, he will release the digital single “RANSHIN.”

Hiromitsu wrote the song’s lyrics, and says that while writing it he kept in mind the beauty, playfulness, and intensity of the Japanese language. The song, its lyrics, his performance of it, and the song’s music video all are an expression of what’s going on in Hiromitsu’s head at this time. The music video for the song can be seen below!

Also, the digital single’s cover art can be found below. It features the kanji for “RANSHIN”, as written by Hiromitsu.

北山宏光「乱心-RANSHIN-」配信ジャケット (c)TOBE Co., Ltd.


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