Sexy Zone to Release New Single “Jinsei Yugi”

On December 13, Sexy Zone will release their 25th single, “Jinsei Yugi.” The song serves as the theme song for the Nippon TV drama “Zeicho ~’Haraenai’ ni wa Wake ga Aru~”, which stars group member Fuma Kikuchi.

“Jinsei Yugi” is described as a fast-paced song with a strong, encouraging message lyrically. Fuma wrote the song’s rap. Of the song, he said that its sense of speed will make listeners want to run.

The music video for “Jinsei Yugi” was recently released, and can be seen below!

Limited Edition A

人生遊戯 [初回限定盤A][CD MAXI][+DVD] - Sexy Zone - UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN

1. 人生遊戯 (Jinsei Yugi)
3. SNOWY BREEZE -inst-

1. 「人生遊戯」 Music Video (“Jinsei Yugi” Music Video)
2. Making of「人生遊戯」(Making of “Jinsei Yugi”)


Limited Edition B

人生遊戯 [初回限定盤B][CD MAXI][+DVD] - Sexy Zone - UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN

1. 人生遊戯 (Jinsei yugi)
2. Forever Yours
3. Forever Yours -Inst-

1. 特別企画「Sexy Zone イントロ曲フリドン!」 (Tokubetsu Kikaku “Sexy Zone Intro Kyoku Furidon!”


Regular Edition

人生遊戯 [通常盤][CD MAXI] - Sexy Zone - UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN

1. 人生遊戯 (Jinsei Yugi)
2. wishing for the better day
3. 人生遊戯 -Inst- (Jinsei Yugi -Inst-)
4. wishing for the better day -Inst-



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