YOASOBI Performs on “NHK MUSIC SPECIAL YOASOBI ~Shosetsu wo Ongaku ni Suru Mahou~”

Today, YOASOBI had their own NHK music special, “NHK MUSIC SPECIAL YOASOBI ~Shosetsu wo Ongaku ni Suru Mahou~.” The duo has been working on the project “Hajimete no” since last year. It’s a project where four Naoki Prize-winning writers are commissioned to write novels, which YOASOBI then make songs about. The four writers (Shimamoto Rio, Tsujimura Mizuki, Miyabe Miyuki, and Mori Eto) appeared on the program with YOASOBI to discuss the project.

YOASOBI – Mister / Suki da / Umi no Manimani / Seventeen

Watch here


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