Travis Japan Speaks to Nante Japan About Their New Single “Candy Kiss”

On July 3, Travis Japan will release their new digital single “Candy Kiss” on streaming services worldwide.

In conjunction with the release, Travis Japan spoke to us here at Nante Japan, as well as giving us the exclusive photo in the header above! Check out our short interview below!

Who is your dream “Candy Kiss”?

G: Our fans!

Shizu: Also, maybe Beyonce?

Your song evokes a lot of nostalgia, and in particular the music of the King of Pop. What does Michael Jackson mean to you, especially given the legacy of your namesake?

Noel: One of our group’s “fathers” is Travis Payne, who choreographed the “This Is It Tour” of Michael Jackson. It was a kind of miracle or fate. In fact, he choreographed our previous single, “Moving Pieces”, so it’s kind of serendipitous – and we are so glad! “Candy Kiss” is choreographed by Nicky Anderson, who we love and who was fantastic during our debut song “JUST DANCE!”, but we hope we get to work with Travis Payne again – maybe with another Michael Jackson-inspired song!

What can we expect from you next?

Chaka: We will be able to bring something new to the stage here in Japan. We also want to introduce the world not only to us as Travis Japan, but to the unique style of Japanese pop music overall.

Check out the “Candy Kiss” music video below!


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