Ken Miyake Joins Hideaki Takizawa’s TOBE

Earlier this year, Hideaki Takizawa opened his own talent agency, TOBE. There has been much speculation if any of the recent departees from his former company, Johnny & Associates, would find their way to TOBE. Earlier today, one recent departee was confirmed as the first talent on TOBE.

Via a YouTube video, Ken Miyake announced today, his 44th birthday, that he has joined TOBE. He left Johnny & Associates in May after 30 years at the company. Ken told fans to look forward to the restart of his career at TOBE, and that he will do his best to provide entertainment to people around the world, even those who don’t know him, via social media.

Also, Ken’s new fanclub is now open! Fans from around the world can join it here!




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