Snow Man’s Hikaru Iwamoto to Star in First Leading Role in a Drama

In January, the drama “Koisuru Keigo 24ji” will make its debut in TV Asahi’s “Oshidora Saturday” timeslot. The drama stars Hikaru Iwamoto of Snow Man in his first leading role in a drama. In the romantic comedy, he plays the role of Kitagawa Tatsunosuke, a rugged and stoic 24 hour bodyguard for Kishimura Rika, a tenacious lawyer who hates to lose. Rika will be played by Mai Shiraishi.

Snow Man’s new song “LOVE TRIGGER” will serve as the theme song for “Koisuru Keigo 24ji.” The song is described as having a band sound. The lyrics deal with the object of one’s affection being a trigger for them falling in love. Of the song, Hikaru said that when he first heard it, he imagined what it be like played in the drama. He’s also in charge of the choreography for “LOVE TRIGGER”, which is of special interest to him because he is now involved on various ways, those ways being the singing it, choreographing it, and starring in the drama it’s the theme song for.


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