Johnny’s Sexual Assault Victims Association Member Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

Earlier today, it was reported that a 40 year old Osaka Prefecture man was found dead of an apparent suicide in October. The man had been missing since that month. His body was later found in the mountains of Minoh, Osaka Prefecture.

The deceased was a member of the victim advocacy group Johnny’s Sexual Assault Victims Association (JSAVA). In an apparent suicide note found near his body, he spoke that after coming forward with allegations of abuse at the hands of Johnny Kitagawa, he suffered from slander on social media.

Other members of JSAVA have spoke of similar incidents, saying that they have been called “liars” online, as well as being accused of “just looking for money.” Some of the members have taken these incidents of slander to the police to press charges.

Junya Hiramoto, a representative for JSAVA, has previously said that the group has received torrents of abuse online since its formation, “no less than tens of thousands” of incidents in fact. He filed a complaint with the police in October.

In recent months, former Kis-My-Ft2 member Kyohei Iida and Akimasa Nihongi, one of two founders of JSAVA, also filed police complaints. Since revealing his own story to the public earlier this year, Nihongi has since received around 100 abusive messages online, calling him a “liar” or saying that his story was a “publicity stunt.”


If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please seek help! Here is a list of international suicide prevention hotlines!


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