September 22, 2023

Snow Man’s Daisuke Sakuma Shows the Results of Eating Your Vegetables on Tarzan Cover


Snow Man member Daisuke Sakuma is the cover boy for the 863rd issue of Tarzan, out August 24.

The issue centers on “vegekatsu”, in which one significantly increases their vegetable intake. At the request of the magazine, Daisuke happily played on the theme in his photoshoot. In the magazine, he can be seen biting into a whole tomato while in bed, cutting vegetables, and making a smoothie. He also details his “vegetable life” in the accompanying interview.

His mood changes to a more serious one in the workout photoshoot, in which he shows off his impressive six pack abs, saying, “I like to do sit ups.”

Daisuke gets an intense “ab desire” once every two weeks, which results in him “bullying” his abdominal muscles into submission, resulting in deep grooves and shadows in the muscle group.

Check out Daisuke’s full cover below!


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