Snow Man Shows Their Most Intense Dancing in “BREAKOUT” MV

On July 31, Snow Man will release their eleventh single “BREAKOUT / Kimi wa Boku no Mono.”

“BREAKOUT” is described as an edgy, aggressive rock-influenced dance song. It serves as the theme song for Raul‘s new film “Akabane Honeko no Bodyguard.”

“Kimi wa Boku no Mono” is a summery, classic pop song about the feelings of someone who has just realized they’ve fallen in love. The song is the theme for Shota Watanabe‘s new TV Asaho drama “Aoshima-kun wa Ijiwaru.”

To reflect the hard and soft sides of Snow Man, the cover art for Limited Edition A is focused on “BREAKOUT”, while the cover of Limited Edition B favors “Kimi wa Boku no Mono.”

The music video for “BREAKOUT” has now been released. The video showcases the group as nine dancing heroes who are fighting to protect what is important. The choreography in the video took 14 hours to shoot, and features the most intense dancing Snow Man has done in one of their music videos. Check it out below!


Limited Edition A

11th Single「BREAKOUT / 君は僕のもの」 - DISC | Snow Man|MENT RECORDING
2. 君は僕のもの

・「BREAKOUT」Music Video
・「BREAKOUT」Music Video(Dance Ver.)
・Behind The Scenes


Limited Edition B

11th Single「BREAKOUT / 君は僕のもの」 - DISC | Snow Man|MENT RECORDING
1. 君は僕のもの

・「君は僕のもの」Music Video
・2024 チーム対抗スノ五輪


Regular Edition

11th Single「BREAKOUT / 君は僕のもの」 - DISC | Snow Man|MENT RECORDING

2. 君は僕のもの
3. ドレス&タキシード
4. What’s your color?
5. BREAKOUT(Instrumental)
6. 君は僕のもの(Instrumental)
7. ドレス&タキシード(Instrumental)
8. What’s your color?(Instrumental)


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