SWEET REVENGE Makes A Splash With Debut Music Video “Might Just”

New Asian-Pop band SWEET REVENGE has released the music video for their debut single “Might Just.” The trio came together by competing in a global audition to find the next pop sensation from the Japanese entertainment powerhouse, LDH JAPAN.

As part of the “Global Vocal Battle Auditions,” one of the international judges and world-renowned producers, AFROJACK, was impressed with the group’s stand-out vocal and dance performances. Through their musical journey priming to launch – reminiscent of superstars BLACKPINK – they created their identity SWEET REVENGE, evoking a sweetness backed by femme fatale energy.

After four years of honing their skills, the girls are making their official debut into the J-Pop world with their colourful new music video for “Might Just.”


SWEET REVENGE is a multi-ethnic group, with ASAMI hailing from Japan, AGNES, who is Dutch and West African, and LARISSA, a native of the Netherlands. In “Might Just,” members show off their unique aura and style before coming together to create a bouncy hook, backed by a dreamy production style. The track is produced by GRAMMY award-winning producer group The Stereotypes, whose plucky synths and energetic hi-hat drums give the song a cotton candy atmosphere.

The “Might Just” music video, directed by Los Angeles-based Amber Park, features the bright performers with their animated digital avatars. Shinsei Galverse illustrator Ayaka Ohira made the character designs, and the avatars shown in the music video were created by the creative studio Active Theory. The artists wore motion-capture bodysuits to record and track the choreography, all done by the LDH DIGITAL team to breathe life into their anime-friendly/kawaii-esque mascots.

This single will appear as the opening theme in the upcoming anime series, “The Girl Downstairs.” The program was originally a popular Korean webtoon that was adapted into a Chinese anime series and is now set to air on Japanese TV on July 3, 2024.

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