Snow Man, King & Prince, SixTONES, and More Appear on STARTO ENTERTAINMENT’s New Year’s Eve Livestreams

Over the course of December 31, STARTO ENTERTAINMENT orchestrated a series of livestreams for its talents.

Things started off with King & Prince’s “King & Prince to Omisoka”, which consisted mainly of the duo chatting and playing games with special guests.


Next was WEST., with “WEST. Omisoka Dai Bonenkai Sei Haishin SP.” This livestream consisted of the group chatting amongst themselves and eating.


This was followed by Snow Man‘s “Snow Man Special Live ~Minna to Tanoshimu Omisoka!~. This livestream was two parts, with the first being a full concert, and the second being a chat between the members, followed by a New Year’s Eve countdown, and more performances.


Then came Travis Japan with their own livestream, which consisted of the group chatting and eating.

Instagram livestream


Kis-My-Ft2 followed, with “2023→2024
Kis-My-Ft2 Dai Kanshasai! ~ Ikinari Dakedo Minna de Toshi Kosanai? Nama Haishin SP~”,a mix of talk, eating, and performance, with a countdown to the New Year.


SixTONES held two previously unannounced livestreams, both of which consisted primarily of chatting, with the second also including some eating and a New Year’s countdown.

Instagram livestream

YouTube livestream

In related news, the group also released the music video for their new song “Only Holy”, from their upcoming album “THE VIBES.”


ACTaLE also held a livestream, which featured a talk and a countdown to 2024.


U&S held a similar livestream, but it was audio only.




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