Snow Man Breaks YouTube Livestream Record with New Year’s Eve Show

On December 31, Snow Man held the YouTube livestream “Snow Man Special Live ~Minna to Tanoshimu Omisoka!~” The show was a massive hit, with 1.33 million simultaneous viewers at its peak. This is a new record for a Japanese YouTube livestream.

“Snow Man Special Live ~Minna to Tanoshimu Omisoka!~” was also a big hit on social media. It was the second biggest trending topic of the day on X (Twitter), only behind the “74th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.” X users tweeted comments such as “Is this free?”, “I want this to be done every year”, “Too awesome”, “God-level setlist”, and “Now I can get through the New Year”, and “Thank you Snow Man.”

On the livestream, Snow Man performed the two A-sides from their upcoming single “LOVE TRIGGER / We’ll go together.” The video for “LOVE TRIGGER” was set to be released on YouTube on January 1, but was postponed to an unknown date out of respect for the Ishikawa Prefecture earthquake that happened the same day.


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