September 25, 2023

SixTONES to Go on 1st Dome Tour


Today, SixTONES released their new album, “Koe.” They also kicked off their tour in support of the album, “Kansei no Housoku”, at Yokohama Arena. During a MC portion of the concert, Juri Tanaka announced that two more venues had been added to their tour. That’s when the screens on both sides of the stage revealed the new venues: Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome Osaka!

This marks SixTONES first dome tour! This new tour will be called “Kansei no Housoku IN DOME.”

The audience exploded with dancing, screams, and applaused at the news. “I’m sorry it’s not Hiroo or Roppongi,” Jesse said to the crowd.

After the announcement, Juri said that he is going to challenge himself to do his best so that he can evolve. He also said that the dome tour isn’t a final destination, but a passing point, hinting at the international ambitions the group has had since their debut in 2020.

“Kansei no Housoku IN DOME” dates:

4/15-16: Kyocera Dome Osaka

4/21-23: Tokyo Dome

SixTONES’ new album “Koe” is available for purchase here.


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