Josei Jishin Reports: Namie Amuro Rumored to be Planning to Come Out of Retirement

A music official has stated “It’s been four years since she retired, but maybe we’ll see her on stage again.” In September 2018, Namie Amuro (age 45), who regrettably retired from singing activities, is said to have a plan to return to the industry. After her retirement, Namie has not appeared on the stage at all. However, when her songs began to be distributed on Apple Music and Spotify in 2019, she recorded the highest number of plays in the history of a Japanese artist in only one week. It was proof that her popularity was overwhelming even after her retirement. 


The alleged reason for Namie’s retirement was that she had damaged her vocal cords. In an interview she revealed that she had been considering retirement since her late 20s and that her last concert would be the last time that she would stand on stage.


Officials have said that since Tetsuya Komuro (who also announced his retirement in 2018) had also returned, the possibility of Namie returning is not impossible and it seems that she is aiming to make her comeback in South Korea. Ever since she held her first concerts in Taipei and Seoul in 2004, Namie has performed around Asia many times and her plan to return has been making movements behind the scenes after receiving a love call from the Korean entertainment industry. Fans from all of the world have been waiting impatiently for the day when they can see her on the stage again.


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