Sho Hirano and Yuta Jinguji Join TOBE

Hideaki Takizawa‘s TOBE continues to grow its roster! Days after revealing that Ken Miyake was moving to the company, it has now been revealed that two more former Johnny’s are moving to the company as well.

Former King & Prince members Sho Hirano and Yuta Jinguji are now under TOBE, in a move that has long been rumored. The announcement came via a YouTube livestream on TOBE’s channel.

“I am happy that I’m able to greet and report to everyone today with a new feeling. Fans, Thank you for waiting,” Sho said. “In the future, I would like to create a space for happy times.”

“I am happy to meet you again,” Yuta said. “I would like to see great scenery in a new place,  so please continue to support me.”

Ken appeared on the livestream to welcome Sho and Yuta to their new home, flowers in hand.

Sho and Yuta have also both opened their own Instagram accounts. Sho’s username is sho_h_desyo,  while Yuta is under _yutajinguji. They both want to use these accounts as a way to show more of their private lives.

Also, Sho and Yuta’s new fanclub is now open! Fans from around the world can join it here!

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