September 22, 2023

YOSHIKI-produced boy band XY releases the music video for debut single “Crazy Love”


The music video for the debut single “Crazy Love” of new boy group & band XY produced by YOSHIKI has been released on YouTube.

XY were formed through the audition program Yoshiki Superstar Project X which aired last year. The group consists of 13 members who either play instruments or are in charge of vocal and dance.

The concept of the music video for their debut song “Crazy Love” shows the image of the 13 members in isolated futuristic settings with eye-catching and vivid visuals. Dancer TAKAHIRO, who has been working with the members since Yoshiki Superstar Project X was in charge of the choreography.

Since June the single “Crazy Love” has been available for streaming worldwide on music platforms. Check out the music video and recent live performance below.

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