Shiina Ringo to Release 25th Anniversary Single “Watashi wa Neko no Me”

Shiina Ringo is currently celebrating her 25th anniversary! As part of this celebration, she will release a new single, “Watashi wa Neko no Me”, on May 24. This is her first CD single since 2015’s “Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri / Kamisama, Hotokesama.”

Besides “Watashi wa Neko no Me”, the single will also include the B-side “Saraba Junjo.” Both songs were written, composed, and arranged by Ringo. The A-side features Ringo backed by ex-Roletta Secohan member Tokitsu Rino, ex-NUMBER GIRL member Tabuchi Hisako, and BIGYUKI. BIGYUKI also appears on “Saraba Junjo.”

In tandem with the single’s release, its music video has also been released. Check it out below!


1. 私は猫の目 (Watashi wa Neko no Me)
2. さらば純情 (Saraba Junjo)

Watch here



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