cero to Release New Album “e o”

On May 24, cero will release their fifth album, “e o.” This is the band’s first album since May 2018’s “POLY LIFE MULTI SOUL.” The album will feature eleven songs, including the previously released digital singles “Fdf”, “Nemesis”, “Cupola”, and “Fuha.”

The album will include a Blu-ray which features footage from cero’s concert from last summer, “Outdoors 2022 Live at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo 2022.7.16.” Ahead of the album’s release, cero has released the video of the performance of “Fuha” from that concert on YouTube. Check it out below!

cero「e o」ジャケット

1. Epigraph エピグラフ
2. Nemesis ネメシス
3. Tableaux タブローズ
4. Hitode no umi 海星の海
5. Fuha フハ
6. Cupola(e o) キューポラ(イーオー)
7. Evening news イブニング・ニュース
8. Fdf(e o) エフ・ディー・エフ(イーオー)
9. Sleepra スリプラ
10. Solon ソロン
11. Angelus Novus アンゲルス・ノーヴス

Outdoors 2022 Live at 日比谷野外大音楽堂 2022.7.16 (Outdoors 2022 Live at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo 2022.7.16)
1. 溯行 (Soko)
2. Yellow Magus (obscure)
3. Summer Soul
4. よきせぬ (Yokisenu)
5. Orphans
7. 夜去 (Yosari)
8. Elephant Ghost
9. 魚の骨 鳥の羽根 (Sakana no Hone Tori no Hane)
11. Double Exposure
12. Fuha
13. Cupola
14. Nemesis
15. outdoors
16. Poly Life Multi Soul
17. Fdf Encore
18. 街の報せ (Machi no Shirase)
19. さん! (San!)



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