Sexy Zone to Release New Single & Album, Joins TikTok

On May 3, Sexy Zone will release their new single, “Cream.” The song serves as the theme song for the TV Tokyo drama “Tonari no Otoko wa Yoku Taberu”, starring group member Fuma Kikuchi. “Cream” is described as a catchy, melodious song with lyrics about about snuggling up with someone who lacks confidence. The song was produced by iri.

The single will be be released in three versions. Limited Edition A includes the song “Naturally”, which is the campaign song for group member Sou Matsushita‘s PEACH JOHN “Koisuru Room Wear” campaign. Limited Edition B’s DVD includes footage from Sexy Zone’s Tokyo Dome concert from last year, which features the last concert appearance by former member Marius Yo. The Regular Edition features the song “Timeless”, which was produced by all five members of Sexy Zone for the aforementioned concert.

Sexy Zone will also release their ninth album, “Chapter II”, on June 7. As the title suggests, this album sees Sexy Zone entering their second chapter. They will expand the range of sounds of their last album, last year’s “The Highlight”, while also keeping that album’s nostalgic feel. “Chapter II” will also feature Sexy Zone’s first solo songs since their 2020 album “POP×STEP!?”

In related news, Sexy Zone has joined TikTok! Their new account can be found here. Their songs “Cream” and “Naturally” are now available there, with more songs to come!


Limited Edition A

Sexy Zone - Cream [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A] - Japan CD single – CDs Vinyl Japan Store

1. Cream
2. Naturally
3. Naturally -Inst-

・「Cream」 Music Video
・Making of 「Cream」


Limited Edition B

Sexy Zone - Cream - Japan CD single – CDs Vinyl Japan Store

1. Cream
2. ATAMAわりぃ (ATAMA Warii)
3. ATAMAわりぃ (ATAMA Warii) -Inst-

・Sexy Zone 5pecial Performance in 東京ドーム+ (Sexy Zone 5pecial Performance in Tokyo Dome+)


Regular Edition

Sexy Zone - Cream - Japan CD single – CDs Vinyl Japan Store

1. Cream
2. timeless
3. Cream -Inst
4. timeless -Inst-

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