Johnny & Associates Releases Music Show Performances on YouTube

After ignoring the internet for what feels like an eternity (according to haters), Johnny & Associates is finally getting its act together as of late. In recent years, the company has opened a number of YouTube channels for its various acts. Earlier today, something unusual was found on a number of these YouTube channels: music show performances.

JPop fans, both overseas and in Japan, have asked for music show performances to be officially released for years. After airing, these shows are never seen again, except for in clips on episodes years later. Fans have taken matters into their own hands, as we all know, posting clips on Twitter and YouTube, and full shows on other sites. But it seems that the television networks are starting to their act together too. They’ve realized that they could potentially monetize these music shows by essentially re-airing them via clips on YouTube. Unironically, they’ve started with the acts of Johnny & Associates!

For a limited time only, performances by the likes of Snow Man, King & Prince, Naniwa Danshi, and SixTONES from CDTV’s 30th anniversary special from earlier this month are now available on YouTube! They are available until May 15 at 7 PM JST.

What company will do this next? Amuse? Avex? LDH?


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