Sexy Zone Announces Impending Name Change and Graduation of Kento Nakajima

It has been announced that the name change that Sexy Zone spoke of last year is in fact happening on March 31. That same day, group member Kento Nakajima will graduate from the group.

Kento made this decision as he nears the age of 30. He wants to take on new challenges as an actor and Idol, both domestically and internationally.

Of his leaving Kento said, “I am proud of the 12 years that I have lived with Sexy. At this turning point of turning 30, I have decided to take a new path, but regardless of my path, I will always be sexy. The energy that I get from Fuma Kikuchi, Shori Sato, and So Matsushima, who will continue on under the new group name, has always been and will continue to be my greatest source of energy.”


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