Kento Nakajima Debates Sexy Zone Name Change

In light of the current rebranding efforts of Johnny & Associates, a number of the company’s groups are going to change their names. An unexpected potential one though is Sexy Zone.

Kento Nakajima took to Instagram today to talk about the potential name change. The group recently released a video to their fan club talking about the issue. On Instagram, he said that the group’s name could be changed and that he and his groupmates are currently discussing their group’s direction and their personal futures.

He noted the bond that Sexy Zone has built with its fans over its 12 years of existence, saying that he feels the growth.

He apologized for this shocking announcement, saying that it must come as a shock to overseas fans as well.

Kento said that none of this changes the fact that he is an idol, nor that he is still sexy. He concluded his message with his signature “Sexy Thank You! 🌹”


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