Sakurazaka46 Announces 7th Single Shoninyokkyu Senbatsu Formation

On the 18th, Sakurazaka46 announced the senbatsu formation for their upcoming new single release.

Morita Hikaru will be taking the center position again, the first since she last centered for the single BAN over two and a half years ago. This will be her third time as center.

The third generation of Sakurazaka46 girls will also take part in this release. Taniguchi AiriNakashima YuzukiMurai Yu and Yamashita Shizuki will be senbatsu, with both Taniguchi and Yamashita in the first row on either side of Morita.

The full senbatsu line up is:

  • Third row: Matsuda RinaMatsumoto KiraNakashima YuzukiKoike MinamiMurai YuHabu MizuhoTakemoro Yui
  • Second row: Yamazaki TenTamura HonoKobayashi YuiFujiyoshi KarinMoriya RenaOzono Rei
  • First row: Taniguchi Airi, Morita Hikaru, Yamashita Shizuki

The CD can be purchased here:


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