Roselia of BanG Dream! Announces First Live House Tour and 14th Single

One of the groups formed from the game franchise BanG Dream! (also known as Bandori), Roselia finished up the second day of their Ariake Arena live titled Roselia 「Farbe」 on the 17th.

The second day had new group Ave Mujica as the opening act, with Roselia following up performing every single from their very first, Black Shout, to their most recent release in a 12 song performance.

Set list:

  1. Ave Mujica
    1. Ave Mujica
    2. Kamisama, Baka
    3. Mas?uerade Rhapsody Re?uest
  2. Roselia
    3. ONENESS
    4. R
    5. ZEAL of proud
    6. FIRE BIRD
    7. Ichie no Full Glory
    8. Special Medley
      1. Opera of the wasteland
      2. Determination Symphony
      3. Ringing Bloom
      4. Hidamari Rhodonite
      5. Song I am.
    9. Sprechchor
    11. Encore
      1. -HEROIC ADVENT-
      2. “UNIONS” Road

At the end of the 12 song performance, the group had several exciting announcements to make for their fans. Firstly, they would be embarking on their first live tour as a band titled Roselia LIVE TOUR Rosenchor, opening on February 17th 2024 in Osaka at Osakajo Hall. The final date is June 30th at Tokyo Garden Theater. The other dates will be announced in the coming months.

Secondly, the group will release their 14th single on December 13th titled VIOLET LINE. The single will include VIOLET LINECall the shots and Sunlit Musical. It will also include both days of Farbe as a bonus Blu-ray disc, and application codes for the upcoming tour.


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