Japanese Government: 20% of Actors Have Been Sexually Harassed

In October, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare will release their 2023 “White Paper on Measures to Prevent Death from Overwork.” In the report, it is said that 20% of actors have been sexually harassed.

This white paper is released annually, but this year marks the first time that it includes results of a survey on harassment in the entertainment industry.

The survey was conducted among 640 people working in the arts and entertainment industry. Of these people, 20.4% of actors and stuntmen said that they had been sexually harassed. The most common type of sexual harassment was being forced into a sexual relationship, at 11.1%.

Other types of sexual harassment include unnecessary touching in the workplace (10.2%), being forced to expose the body to the point of embarrassment (9.3%), and having to do a sexual performance to the point of shame (8.3%).

Source: Yahoo News


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