Ronald Reviews: March 2023 (Snow Man’s “Tapestry / W” & Johnny’s WEST’s “POWER”)

Welcome to this month’s “Ronald Reviews”! Each month, I will review the top song and album of the previous month per Oricon. If Billboard Japan releases a monthly chart eventually, I will do that as well. Think of this as a way to learn about the top releases of the month, or to enjoy them again if you’ve already heard them. That being said, let’s get into this month’s chart toppers!

This month, I will review Snow Man‘s single “Tapestry / W” (964,022 copies sold) and Johnny’s WEST‘s album “POWER” (264,769 copies sold).


Snow Man – Tapestry

There’s a certain elegance, a certain smoothness, to this song that I enjoy. I normally like my music quite polished. I like the usage of the Latin guitar here. This may sound crazy, but when I first heard this, I thought of Arashi’s “Sakura.” It’s like the older, faster brother of “Tapestry.” 7/10


Snow Man – W

This song is a bit unexpected of Snow Man. It’s very anime. It’s normally something I’m not into, but I kinda like this. The element that makes me like it the most is the usage of strings, especially in the chorus. I also really like the bridge. It’s a nice touch of softness in such an aggressive song. 7/10


Single average: 7/10

Everyone knows I’m a Snow Man fan, but I feel like they maybe should have used these as album tracks or B-sides rather than as singles. Some of their non-single songs outshine these two.

Johnny’s WEST – POWER


This is my first time listening to Johnny’s WEST. I’ve heard them, but I’ve never really listened to them. The Johnny’s Kansai groups just normally seem a bit too goofy for me personally. Listening to this song, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be at first. It’s so corny, that it’s endearing! I find the use of falsetto in parts of the song by different members to be interesting and unexpected. 7/10



This is noisy and shouty, two things I really dislike in music, just something I would expect from this group.  5.5/10


3.Rewind It Back

This is surprisingly good! It really reminds me of Michael Jackson. It has a late 80s / early 90s R&B feel. I could have lived without the rap, but otherwise, really a nice surprise! 8/10


4.膝銀座 (Hiza Ginza)

I’m surprised that they’re able to rein it in to make something like this. I mentioned how I like smoothness earlier in my Snow Man review, and this is very much that. I really like the jazz element of this. 7.5/10


5.恋にて (Koi Nite)

It’s interesting how this song is sweet and endearing, and then the bass comes in and it takes a completely different turn for a moment. It’s an unexpected transtition that works really well. 7/10


6.Share The Time

In theory, I should really like this, but it just feels like filler. It’s nice, but I feel like it needs to be better developed for me to like it. 6/10



I really like the bombastic energy of this. It would be a great song to see live! 7/10


8.星の雨 (Hoshi no Ame)

I found it a bit boring, and was surprised that this was a single (the album’s only single at that!) and not just an album track. 6/10


9.We’re the one

This is not “the one.” It’s a genki filler song, and it’s not really needed with how many songs are on this album. 5.5/10


10.Muchakucha na Form

Another boring song. This one was written and composed by group member Daiki Shigeoka, the one I refer to as “Teeth”, because that is all I see when I look at him. There is this one part towards the end of the song (4:00 in the video) where he is trying to go for a note he just can’t reach, and it sounds like he’s entering a place of pain trying to get their. I actually laughed. 5/10


11.忘れないでいてね (Wasurenaide Ite ne)

At this point, this album is starting to become a struggle to listen to. I feel like it’s song after song that doesn’t stand out and goes nowhere. 5.5/10


12.アンノウン (Unknown)

This one is really interesting! It has this laid back jazzy, hip hop feel to it. Something really unexpected from them! 7.5/10



This one is fun! It’s not to have a song with energy on this album again! But I think Daiki is still trying to reach a note he shouldn’t attempt to. 7/10


14.似てないふたり (Ni Tenai Futari)

This song is just there. Not memorable. 5/10


15. 真っ直ぐ (Massugu)

They actually tried on this one from a vocal standpoint, which was pleasantly surpringing in a way. 6/10


16. ぼくらしく (Bokurashiku)

At first, his song strangely reminds me of Beck or Cornelius in the 90s, with the trippy country sound. It gets pretty ordinary after that though, except for the chorus when that sound returns. 6.5/10


17. エゴと一途 (Ego to Ichizu)

This reminds me a bit of a blend of SEKAI NO OWARI and Official HIGE DANdism. It’s kinda like… carnival jazz? It’s fun, 7/10


18. Strike a blow

Ohh, I really don’t like noisy rock songs like this. The music itself sounds very canned. It’s loud and generic! 4/10


19. Don’t be afraid

This reminds me of something from the 00s, but in a good way. I like the piano here. 7/10


20. ハルカナレ (Harukanare)

This song sounds like something for a kids’ TV show. 4/10


21.調子っぱずれの僕の歌 (Choshippazure no Boku no Uta)

Another country song? 6/10


22.SOUL 2 SOUL (Special Wind Orchestra Colabo Ver.)

What an odd song. It’s like they’re being backed by a marching band made up of mice. Johnny’s WEST sounds really big here, but the backing music sounds quite small in comparsion. It’s very strange. 5.5/10


Album average: 6.16/10

After listening to Johnny’s WEST, would I seek out their music to listen to again? No. This album was a real struggle to get through. There were four versions of this album, which explains why there were so many songs to review. Maybe they should not release so many versions and just kick out some of the duds.


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