Nogizaka46 Celebrates Annual Coming of Age Ceremony For 2023

6 members of Nogizaka46Ito RiriaShibata YunaYakubo MioIkeda Teresa and Nakanishi Aruno, celebrated their coming of age ceremony at Tokyo’s Nogi-jinja shrine. While Kakehashi Sayaka was scheduled to join, she unfortunately could not attend due to a physical injury she is recovering from.

Copyright Nogizaka46
Copyright Nogizaka46

In addition to the traditional group shots, each member was asked what they individually hoped for in the future.

Ito Riria talked about how she hoped that she would not forget the ambitions she had when she auditioned for the group, which was to bring happiness to a lot of people – the very thing she wrote on her ema. Her choice of kimono was selected to bring to mind the beautiful sea of Okinawa, which is where she is originally from. A third generation member, she spoke about how she wanted her generation to become the people to lead the newer members within Nogizaka46.

Nakanishi Aruno picked her choice of kimono based out of respect for graduating member Saito Asuka. Talking about the previous year in which she was originally picked to center Actually but later had to take a short break from activities, she talked about how she received so much support from the people around her despite having much pressure placed on her due to being dropped into the limelight. On her ema, she wrote “cherishing my naivete”, saying that she wanted to ensure that she would both become strong but also not get too jaded as she continued to forge a path in entertainment.

For Yakubo Mio, her thoughts were on how well things were going, not just for her but for the group as a whole. Her ema prayer was an idiom talking about being in your element where things are situated just right for the circumstances. While the group is growing overall, for Yakubo, what that meant was that she would have more friends and allies, saying that she most wanted to drink with 3rd generation member Mukai Hazuki first.

For Ikeda Teresa, she picked a kimono that reflected her member color green, mentioning that she had always loved a more serene feeling and traditional styled kimono. A newly selected 5th generation member, last year made her feel like she had a lot to work on in her recollection. As such, for her ema wish was to become stronger and someone who would be worthy to call herself a Nogizaka46 member.

For Shibata Yuna, being an idol was always her dream since she was a child, so she wanted to remind herself to enjoy the present moment as much as possible – something that she hadn’t been doing much of in the past year. In addition, she wanted to improve her cooking skills and share the results of her efforts more with the world.

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