Ash and Pikachu’s Final Moments in the Sun Before They Are Put to Pasture

From January 13, 2023 (Friday), the TV Tokyo anime “Pokémon: Aim to be a Pokémon Master” (11 episodes), which depicts the final chapter of the story of Ash and Pikachu, will be broadcast. The series will depict a three-person trip with Misty (Voice actor: Mayumi Iizuka) and Brock (Voice actor: Yuji Ueda), who once traveled together with Ash and Pikachu.

The Pokémon that Ash has formed strong bonds with in various regions, and Cilan (Voice actor: Mamoru Miyano), who traveled with him in the “Best Wishes” series, will also appear in the broadcast on Friday, January 27. His appearance will liven up the atmosphere with an adventure full of excitement.

In addition, the OP theme is “Aim to be a Pokémon Master -with my friends-“! A remake of the opening theme of the 1997 Pokemon series that will show Ash (Voice actor: Rika Matsumoto) and Pikachu, along with a video that displays the 25-year history.


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Synopsis of episode 1 “The Wind of Beginnings! The Eternal Road!!” to be aired on January 13th

Ash and Pikachu continue their adventures, while Team Rocket plots to steal Pikachu. Ash and Pikachu spend their days on an unchanging adventure, but in a certain forest they come across the injured legendary Pokémon, Latias.

Synopsis of episode 2  “Ash VS Misty! A One-on-One on the Beach!!” to be aired on January 20th

Ash and Pikachu, who continue their journey, came to the sea. Ash meets a wild Clauncher at the beach and tries to catch it. He then encounters Misty, a former traveling companion! What will happen when both Ash and Misty want to be the one to catch the Clauncher?

Synopsis of episode 3 “Brock and Cilan and the Forest Magician!” to be aired on January 27th

Ash and Pikachu reunite with their former travel companions, Brock and Cilan. However, Brock seems to be very depressed because he just went through a heartbreak. Then suddenly a wild Hatenna kidnaps Brock…! Can Ash, Misty, and Cilan bring back Brock!?


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