March 30, 2023

Snow Man First Reiwa Act to Have 2 Million-Selling Albums

On the new Oricon chart released this week, Snow Man‘s second album, “Snow Labo. S2”, sold about 6,000 copies, bring its total sales to about 1,002,000 copies sold. This is their second album in a row to hit the million mark, after it was announced in October of last year that their debut album, “Snow Mania S1”, hit the million mark.

Snow Man is the first Reiwa era act to achieve this. In this era, five albums have hit the million mark, and two of them are from Snow Man. The group is also the first since CHEMISTRY in January 2003 to have their first two albums hit the million mark.

Million-selling Reiwa albums (in order of hitting a million):

Arashi – 5×20 All the BEST!! 1999-2019

Yonezu Kenshi – STRAY SHEEP


Snow Man – Snow Mania S1

Snow Man – Snow Labo. S2