Nishino Kana to Resume Activities

Nishino Kana is back! Today, she announced on social media that her hiatus, which started in February 2019, is coming to an end. During this hiatus, she married in March 2019, followed by the birth of her first child this past August.

On July 5, Kana will make her comeback with the digital single “EYES ON YOU.” This will be followed by the EP “Love Again” on September 18. Kana will return to the stage on November 13 and 14 at Yokohama Arena with the concert “Kana Nishino Love Again Live 2024.”

In her handwritten social message, Kana said that she’s working on new songs, and planning her upcoming concert, filling her with excitement daily. More than anything, she’s looking forward to meeting her fans after five years off duty.


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