Japan Weekend Box Office 06/21 – 06/23: ‘Dear Family’ is the number one movie in Japan for two consecutive weeks

Over the weekend (June 16 to June 23) the box office data in Japan revealed that family drama “Dear Family” maintained its number one spot with 139,600 moviegoers and 197 million yen. The cumulative total is now 467,000 moviegoers and 639 million yen in box office revenue. There were many newly released films that were able to debut within the top 10 including Hollywood films “Bad Boys: Ride or Die”  in 2nd place and “The Watchers” in 8th place. For domestic films, “(90 Years Old – So What?” debuted in 2nd place, “Hey Handsome” in 5th place, and “Kuchinai Sakurai” in 10th place. 

Still going strong “Detective Conan: The Million-dollar Pentagram” attracted 82,000 moviegoers and earned 116 million yen over the weekend, finishing in fourth place. The cumulative results have exceeded 10.52 million moviegoers and 15 billion yen in box office revenue, moving it to 15th place in the all-time highest grossing films in Japan ranking.


Japan Box Office Ranking Top 10 (June 21 to June 23)

  1. Dear Family (week 2) (–)
  2. 90 Years Old – So What? (NEW)
  3. Bad Boys: Ride or Die (NEW)
  4. Detective Conan: The Million-dollar Pentagram (week 11) (↓ 2)
  5. Hey Handsome (NEW)
  6. Abudeka Is Back (week 5) (↓ 3)
  7. Bocchi the Rock! Theater Compilation Re:Re (week 3) (↓ 3)
  8. The Watchers (NEW)
  9. Umamusume: Pretty Derby Beginning of a New Era (week 5) (↓ 4)
  10. Kuchinai Sakura (NEW)

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