Nakamori Akina Plans To Establish New Fanclub By the End of the Year

In a newsletter, it was announced that Nakamori Akina’s fanclub “FAITHWAY”, which was established in 1999, has decided to end its operation on December 31, 2022. Akina’s new one-person agency HZ Village was launched in August 2022. The official website, which was opened around the same time, had the words “Re-birth” written in Akina’s own handwriting. It was also revealed that she would be switching fanclubs around December, but immediately after that it was revealed that she was having trouble with contacting her former agency. According to sources, the former agency, who was notified of her intention of going independent in writing without prior consultation, was very confused when approached about the situation. In the end, there was no progress in movement after the month of August, and Akina who was rumored to be performing at the NHK Kouhaku was not on the list of performers leaving many fans disappointed. However, a music official who has spoken with Akina explained that the closing of a fanclub is rather a big progress. “Soon, Akina will start her own fanclub, so it seems that both parties are proceeding with administrative work. The former agency will require some convincing, but the current situation of having two official websites is too confusing and has been prolonging the situation.” Akina’s publicist has revealed that the current plan is to announce the new fanclub on the official website by the end of this month (December 2022). As of now, the agency is closed until Christmas, but there will likely be some announcements after that. Do not fear, the legendary diva will be back soon.


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