QUEEN BEE’s Avu-chan To Host New Audition Show

Nihon TelevisionStardust PromotionSony Music and QUEEN BEE‘s Avu-chan have teamed up to launch a new audition reality TV show, 「0年0組-アヴちゃんの教室-」(Class 0, Year 0 –Avu-chan‘s Classroom- in English).

Airing every week at 11PM on Sundays JST from January 8th onwards, the program will aggregate 16 participants to showcase their various talents to debut a new boy group.

Talking about the program, Avu-chan said

Audition programs are popular now because they highlight the various dreams of the participants against the stark reality of their circumstances – that struggle to achieve what seems like an unrealistic goal is what draws people in. [When I was asked to be the “producer”], all I could think was – finally, the time has come.

What will make Class 0, Year 0 stand out will be the fact that debuting is not the goal. Instead, it will be the transformation of the individual members as they develop their abilities and stand out in their own way.

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