September 25, 2023

King & Prince Announces 4 Months of Consecutive Releases


Ahead of the departure of three of its members, King & Prince have four months of consecutive releases on deck.

On January 18, the group will release the live DVD / Blu-ray of their dome tour from earlier this year,  “King & Prince First DOME TOUR 2022 ~Mr.~.”

On February 22, they will release their 12th single, which is currently untitled.

This will be followed on March 22 by another live DVD /  Blu-ray, “King & Prince ARENA TOUR 2022 ~Made in~.” This was the tour the group did in support of their album from this year, “Made in.”

The consecutive releases will conclude on April 19 with King & Prince’s first best album. This too is currently untitled.

In related news, the new King & Prince song “We are young” will serve as the theme song for Yuta Kishi‘s new NTV drama “Suki Suki Wan Wan!” The drama debuts on January 24. It has not been revealed if the song will be on their new single. The trailer for the drama can be seen below!

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