Bunshun Reports: Shinoda Mariko’s Separation Prompted By Shinoda’s Cheating with Famous Business Executive

Earlier this year, it was reported that Shinoda Mariko‘s marriage was seriously in trouble after their lawsuit to separate was fully revealed. Now it seems as though the main cause – Shinoda herself – has been thoroughly revealed.

In September it was known through Josei 7 that Shinoda and her partner had filed for divorce, with her partner alleging that Shinoda‘s affair was the primary cause for the separation – an allegation that her agency at the time thoroughly objected to. However, earlier this month Shinoda‘s partner, named simply A, filed an alienation of affection lawsuit against the person she cheated on A with, named in the lawsuit as “Mr. X” but reportedly a famous business executive known to have many connections with various entertainment celebrities and has appeared on television multiple times.

Included in the evidence was Shinoda‘s menstrual planning application, which had different icons for both A and X so she could track her activity with each partner. In addition, during the course of divorce mediation it was revealed that Shinoda had threatened to kill herself if A did not forgive her, but ultimately agreed to settle for a divorce.

Source: Bunshun Online Articles 1 & 2


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