Johnny & Associates Shuts Down Takuya Kimura Rumors

In the wake of Johnny Kitagawa abuse scandal, there have been many rumors about the talents of Johnny & Associates. Today, the company spoke out against rumors concerning one of their most senior talents: Takuya Kimura.

Recently, some of the tabloids have published articles about Takuya, with headlines such as “Even If the Company Name Change Is Decided, ‘Why Change It!’, I Resist and Am Not Convinced” and “Regarding Drama Filming, ‘Now Is Not the Time’, I Quit Due to Lack of Motivation.” Johnny & Associates says that these articles are unfounded.

Even though Johnny & Associates is facing serious problems currently, Takuya is actively engaging with his juniors in the company. In fact, he has been taking the lead in urging the company to change its name out of consideration for the victims. His heart goes out to the victims, as well as the talents made anxious by this whole situation. In anticipation of company reforms, Takuya was planning to sign a new agent contract with the company’s new management company as soon as it was availabe, so he was suprised to hear the reporting of these tabloids.

Johnny & Associates strongly protests against unfounded articles that seriously damages the honor and credibility of their talents.

The company closed the statement by once again offering their deepest apologies to those victims, their business partners, and the fans who support the company’s talents on a daily basis.


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