Nanjo Yoshino Announces New Album, The Fantasic Garden, and 14th Single

The former Love Live star and former member of the music duo fripSideNanjo Yoshino has announced that she would be releasing her new album this December 13th.

Titled The Fantastic Garden, the sound production will be done by famous anime song group Elements Garden. There will be two limited editions and one normal for a total of 3 versions. The version details are below

  • Limited Edition A
    • Includes special Blu-ray and photobook
    • Includes LiveTour 2022 and 2023 as well as season 7 of Nanjo Ikken
  • Limited Edition B
    • Includes special Blu-ray and photobook
    • Only includes season 7 of Nanjo Ikken
  • Normal

In addition, the singer-voice actress will release her 14th single, Sen, on October 25th. The single will include both Sen and the song Gareki ni Saku Hana. Both are available for streaming as well.


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