Ken Miyake Says Goodbye to Johnny & Associates

In February, it was announced that Ken Miyake would be leaving Johnny & Associates on May 2. He joined the company in 1993, and debuted in 1995 as a member of V6, which disbanded in 2021. Immediately after the disbandment, he started his solo career.

In his final post on his “Niko Niko Ken” blog on Johnny’s web earlier today, Ken told fans what he was feeling as his time at the company was ending after 30 years. “Even if the time comes when everyone forgets my existence, I just can’t throw this away… Moving, even if I took it apart, I wanted to create something that people wanted to keep,” he wrote. “I hope you like it.”

He added that he would be going to the Johnny’s building one last time to say his final goodbyes, and take home sweets from his favorite store in Kyoto. He wrote that is final “Niko Niko Ken” post would only be available til 11:59 PM on May 2, and thanked fans for reading it over the years.

“I loved this place where I could connect with everyone,” he wrote. “Lastly, I love you all forever. Don’t cry, have a nice day. Bye bye.”

During his last visit to the Johnny’s building, he met with 20th Century, the group consisting of his former V6 groupmates Masayuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagano, and Yoshihiko Inohara. 20th Century’s Twitter account released a photo the four, with the caption “Good luck!! Do what you really want, do it all!!!”

Ken’s final moments as a Johnny were spent on Instagram Live. During his livestream, a former Johnny appeared: Hideaki Takizawa. He asked Ken for fanservice.

This has added fuel to the rumor that after his post-Johnny’s period of rest, that Ken will join his former KEN☆Tackey at his new company, TOBE.

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