Hideaki Takizawa Opens His Own Entertainment Company

On a Twitter Space earlier today, Hideaki Takizawa revealed that he has started his own talent agency, TOBE.

Takizawa said that he has decided to return to the entertainment world to create a new company that recruits new artists, as well as producing artists.

With TOBE, Takizawa wants to create a company that makes “Entertainment for All”, a company that embraces freedom and newness.

TOBE is starting auditions soon for new talent soon. There are two requirements. The first is that they must live in Japan. The second is that they must agree to appear on TV, the internet, and other media during the audition process, and then be willing to undergo training if they pass. There is no gender requirement.

In tandem with the announcement, a concept film, subbed in English, was released. Check it out below!



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