Recording Industry Association of Japan Cracks Down on Illegal Download Sites

NHK is reporting that the Recording Association of Japan is taking legal action against “leech sites” that allow access to illegally uploaded material.

In 2020, Japan implemented stricter measures against digital piracy. Operating these illegal download sites and posting links to pirated content are subject to criminal charges.

The RIAJ’s move marks the first time an industry group has taken specific measures to combat music piracy.

The RIAJ, which consists of 65 entities, including major record labels, says leech sites that allow free downloads of JPop and other pirated material have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The RIAJ is currently working with lawyers and research firms to take legal action against multiple sites for copyright violations.

Many of these websites use overseas servers, meaning that the RIAJ has had to take judicial steps abroad.

Last month, the name and IP address of a JPop leech site operator was disclosed for the first time.

The RIAJ plans to identify the operators of other such sites and take strict measures, including filing criminal and civil complaints.


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