April Fools’ Day: Hirose Suzu & Yamazaki Kento Announce Marriage

Last summer, Shukan Bunshun revealed that Hirose Suzu and Yamazaki Kento were dating. The magazine has also revealed another big story on the couple: their marriage!

It was revealed that Suzu and Kento registered their marriage on March 25 in Tokyo. Details on the ceremony are yet to come, but Mrs. A, a acquaitance of Suzu’s, said that she was recently at dinner with Suzu, who was speaking of going on a romantic getaway in the coming days to Hawaii.

Could this be the location of her wedding to Kento? It appears to be so. A costumer for the NHK taiga drama “Dosuru Ieyasu” revealed to Bunshun that Hirose Alice, Suzu’s sister and one of the drama’s stars, recently asked her to tailor a special occassion dress for her, one that is more appropriate for summer weather compared to Japan’s current early spring weather.

It was rumored a few weeks ago that Suzu and Kento had broken up, but it appears that that was just a decoy for the real news: their marriage!




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