Genki Iwahashi Is a “Popstar” in New MV

On August 9, Genki Iwahashi will release his second album, “I’m A Popstar.” This album comes a year after his solo debut album, last August’s “How To Love.” He says that with this album he wants to take fans on a journey through genres that he loves, not only JPop, but also genres like hip hop, KPop, and electronic music. He gave the album its name to represent the various styles of pop music. Genki said that living between Tokyo and Los Angeles the last few years has given him the opportunity to explore many different kinds of music.

Ahead of the release of the album, Genki has released the music video for the album’s title track. Check it out below!


Limited Edition

岩橋玄樹「I'm A Popstar」初回限定盤ジャケット

Regular Edition

岩橋玄樹「I'm A Popstar」通常盤ジャケット

Fanclub Edition

岩橋玄樹「I'm A Popstar」ファンクラブ限定盤ジャケット

1. I’m A Popstar
2. I Know You Want Me
3. Scenario
4. Canvas
5. Kira Kira
6. Hero
7. Heartbeat
8. 光と闇 (Hikari to Yami)
9. Uyamuya
10. Heart To Heart
11. 空を見上げて (Sora wo Miagete) (Regular Edition bonus track)

Limited Edition DVD
・I’m A Popstar(Music Video)
・I’m A Popstar(Behind The Scenes)

Fanclub Edition
・2023年2月14日TOKYO DOME CITY HALLにて開催された「いわちワンダーワールド in white chocolate♡」からライブ映像とMCダイジェストを収録 (2/14/2023 TOKYO DOME CITY HALL Nite Kaisai Sareta “Iwachi Wonder World in white chocolate♡” Kara Live Eizo to MC Digest wo Shuroku



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