Mika Nakashima Prays Tribute to RuPaul with “We are all stars”

On August 9, Mika Nakashima will release her new digital single, “We are all stars.” It is a EDM dance song that was co-written by Mika and Hashimoto Kota. The song has the concept of writing a letter to RuPaul, the American drag queen that Mika has admired since she was in her 20s. “We are all stars” has the theme of self-affirmation.

With the single’s cover and Mika’s new artist photo, she is also paying tribute to RuPaul. The photos are about living with pride no matter who you are, a value that Mika holds close to her. Her hair and makeup here done by GYUTAE and Zutti.

The duo can also be seen in the song’s music video, along with Mika, which was just released! Check it out below!


中島美嘉「We are all stars」配信ジャケット

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