Naniwa Danshi’s Daigo Nishihata Wears Wig After Meeting Rumored Girlfriend

Shukan Bunshun is reporting that Daigo Nishihata of Naniwa Danshi is dating.

Bunshun’s report starts on the night of July 30, around 9 PM, just after the concert of his group’s four day stint at Osaka-jo Hall. Daigo was seen in a taxi, which stopped at the back entrance of a luxurious high rise condo tower. He got out of the taxi, pulled his bucket hat low, and took out a large suitcase. Instead of going in the rear entrance, he walks around the building. He looks around a lot to make sure he’s not being seen, which he clearly was in this case. He makes a lap around the entire building, before returning to the back entrance, entering the building with a key.

Speaking of Naniwa Danshi, an entertainment official said, “They were formed within Kansai Johnny’s Jr. in 2018 by Kanjani8‘s Tadayoshi Okura and Yo Yokoyama, two of Julie Fujishima‘s favorites. In other words, Naniwa Danshi is a ‘Julie project.’ Julie herself is pushing them hard as a kira kira group charging its way down the royal road of idols.”

The entertainment official added that Naniwa Danshi has received great treatment since they were formed since they are a “Julie project”, naturally. They are one of the top idol groups currently, not just because of Julie’s pushing, but because of their real popularity and talent. Noriyuki Higashiyama, the eldest son of Johnny & Associates, is noted for having called the group “the most interesting Jrs.”

Naniwa Danshi alone is entrusted as the standbearer of the next generation of Johnny’s. Within the group, Daigo himself is seen as the unshakable “absolute center.”

“With his sweet, princely look that symbolizes the group’s concept, Daigo has had top level popularity since his Jr. days,” says a television station production staff member. “Even more remarkable is his high valuation as an actor.”

At 3 PM on July 30, a woman wearing a black cap and sandals is seen riding her bicycle. She is Adachi Kaho, the ytv announcer.

She had just celebrated her 24th birthday three days earlier. She went to a department store in the center of Osaka, heading straight to the foreign perfume section. She bought a perfume without hesitation, whether it was a birthday gift for herself of not is unknown. She then headed for one of the pastry shops in the basement. She bought two cakes, candles, and a plate that read “Omedetou (Congraulations).” She put the paper bag which held her purchases into the basket of her bike and returned home.

Six hours later, Daigo joined her at home.

Someone who knows Kaho spoke of her relationship with Daigo. They met through a mutual acquaintance when she was a university student. Tbe relationship soon became serious, and they dated for about a year and a half. He was in awe of her, calling after her, “Kaho-chan, Kaho-chan.” When he gets drunk, he’s the spoiled type, even following her to the restroom. She is two years younger than him, but a solid person. Their compabitiliy may be perfect.

Kaho was raised in a pure way. Her father is Japanese man who returned from Singapore. From the third grade of elementary school to the second grade of junior high school, she lived in the United States, attending school there. Upon returning to Japan, she attended the prestigious Doshisha International Junior and Senior High School. Naturally, she fluent in English.

According to someone who works at the same station as her, Kaho is a talented woman who studied journalism in England while a student at Waseda University’s School of International Liberal Studies. She always wanted to be an announcer and was a student anchor on a news program. She goes at her own pace and is easygoing, but courageous. There is a story that at the final interview for her job, in front of a line of ytv executives, she did a Y-shaped pose based on the initials of the station and was offered the job.

She joined ytv in April 2022, becoming the first new female announcer at the station in three years. She currently is the host of local evening news show “Kansai Joho Net ten.” and the nationwide show “Wake Up.”

According to the same co-worker as before, she was inspired to become an announccer after watching news coverage of the Great East Japan Earthquake. While she does hard-hitting interviews, she dreams of using her strong English skill to interview foreign athletes and artists.

Daigo and Kaho are well matched, but their jobs mean that they must have a long distance relationship.

Kaho’s first appearance on “Wake Up” was on New Year’s Eve 2022, the same day that Naniwa Danshi made their “Kohaku” debut. According to an acquaintance of Daigo’s, seeing as how both of them were in Tokyo at the same time, Daigo and Kaho spent New Year’s Day together. With her going around the country for the show, there is a chance that they could see each other more.

Daigo and Kaho’s meeting on the night of July 30 only lasted about 12 hours. Daigo left Kaho’s apartment at 10 AM the next morning. As he left the back entrance of the condo tower to get into a taxi, it seemed as if he was wearing the same thing as the night before, but with one extra piece: a blonde bob wig. He got into the taxi, wig and all, and headed back to Tokyo.

Daigo’s acquaintance said that because of their long distance relationship, Daigo and Kaho can’t meet openly, so they have dates at home.

Dating quietly doesn’t seem to be a problem for the couple. In the June 2022 issue of Popolo, Daigo said of his ideal date, “Spend our time watching movies and dramas, and play games together. Let’s make dinner around 5 PM. We’ll eat together when it’s done. Flirt, and then go to bed! Perfect♪”

Not only did Kaho spend New Year’s Day in Tokyo at Daigo’s apartment, she also spends important days like Christmas and and birthdays there.

“The two of them sometimes go out on dates. They once went on a drive to Yokohama to see the night view. The day before his birthday, January 9, she went to Tokyo to see him,” says his acquaintance. “For two people who have few chances to meet, it was good that Naniwa Danshi’s concerts coincided with her birthday.”

When Johnny & Associates was reached for comment, they said that Kaho is one of his friends, and that he did go to her apartment, but that there were many other friends there as well. Regarding the question of whether Daigo is a crossdresser, Johnny’s said that the wig was a party favor from Kaho’s party, and that Daigo wore it for no reason. When ytv was reached for comment, the station said that they do not comment on the private lives of their employees.

With “24 Jikan TV” coming on August 26, and ytv being the station it will air on, will there be a Daigo and Kaho air on date?



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