GaaSyy Arrested

YouTube gossiper / expelled politician GaaSyy was arrested earlier today on suspicion of threatening to defame a number of people, including a celebrity, after returning to Japan from the United Arab Emirates, where he now lives.

His arrest took place at Narita Airport near Tokyo when he arrived from the UAE. Upon leaving the plane, he was handcuffed and taken away by police. He was seen smiling as he walked through the aiport, where several members of the media were waiting for him.

GaaSyy was placed on Interpol’s international wanted list in April, according to authorities. According to sources, after obtaining a warrant for his arrest in March, Japanese police sent investigators to the UAE in May and asked for local authorities’ cooperation. He was not accompanied by any authorities on the plane from the UAE to Japan.

GaaSyy allegedly threatened to defame three people in his YouTube videos, including actor Ayano Go and jewelry designer Fukutani Kimio. He is also suspected of interfering in the business activities of one of the three people mentioned.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry instructed GaaSyy to turn in his passport after police obtained the warrant. According to sources, he repeatedly ignored requests from authorities to return to Japan and voluntarily submit to questioning over the videos. His passport expired in April after he told the Japanese Consulate General in the UAE saying he had lost it.

After the media reported police were seeking a warrant for his arrest, GaaSyy repeatedly said online that he would not return to Japan.




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